Mr. Philadelphia

Mr. Philadelphia: The Story of Albert M. Greenfield is a documentary film which recounts the extraordinary life and career of one of Philadelphia's great 20th century leaders, Albert M. Greenfield. The film features Greenfield's realization of the “American Dream,” as he works his way up from humble beginnings to become a real estate mogul, university trustee, and philanthropist as well as an advisor to church leaders, educators, mayors, governors, four Presidents of the United States, and world leaders.


Check out the full interviews with historians, politicians, family members and others who helped re-tell the story of Alfred M. Greenfield, including:

About the Filmmakers

Raw Media Network has been producing films for over ten years. (Find out more about Raw Media) With a specialty in working with non-profits, each film we produce tells the story of the organization in a compelling and effective way. Ranging from feature documentaries to communications and educational films, we have produced quality work for hundreds of clients. Headed by Director/ Producer Johnny Boston, Raw Media's team developed and produced the award winning "Mr. Philadelphia" in conjunction with The Albert M. Greenfield Foundation.